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Living in Kensington Estates,LA

Kensington Estates is an upscale subdivision located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In this neighborhood you’ll find homes with striking, regal architecture; manicured, green lawns and homes that were first built in just 1997.

This neighborhood is a great place to raise a family. The widely spread-out homes provide a sense of privacy and space to be one’s truest self, but atmospherically the neighborhood is suburban. Your children will have plenty of other children to play with.

They’ll also have a number of excellent schools to attend in the Baton Rouge school district.

Elementary Schools near Kensington Estates

  • Forest Heights Academy of Excellence (Pre-K through 5th)
  • Parkview Elementary School (Pre-K through 5th)
  • BR Foreign Language Academy Immersion Magnet (Pre-K through 5th)
  • Baton Rouge Visual and Performing Arts Center (Pre-K through 5th)
  • Westdale Heights Academic Magnet School (Pre-K through 5th)

Middle Schools near Kensington Estates

  • Sherwood Middle Academic Academy (6th through 8th)
  • McKinley Middle Magnet School (6th through 8th)
  • Westdale Middle School (6th through 8th)
  • Glasgow Middle School (6th through 8th)

High Schools near Kensington Estates

  • Baton Rouge Magnet High School (9th through 12th)
  • Robert E Lee High School (9th through 12th)
  • Central High School (9th through 12th)

If you would prefer to send your child or children to private schools, here are a few that are available in Baton Rouge:

  • Montessori Children’s House (Pre-K through Kindergarten)
  • Redemptorist High School (7th through 12th)
  • Redemptorist St. Gerard School (Pre-K through 8th)
  • St. Francis Xavier School (Pre-K through 8th)
  • St. Joseph’s Academy (Girls) (9th through 12th)
  • St. Thomas More School (Pre-K through 8th)

Things to Do in Kensington Estates, LA

As a subdivision within Baton Rouge, the things you’ll do for fun in or around Kensington Estates will be, essentially, the things you would do for fun in Louisiana’s capital. Here are a few of our suggestions:

Visit Major Parks
Baton Rouge is a large city with plenty of architecture to admire, but also a lot of nature to explore. If one park isn’t to your liking, there are many others to choose from. Consider: Riverfront Plaza, Arsenal Park, Raising Cane’s Dog Park, LSU Hilltop Arboretum, City Brooks Community Park or plenty of others.

Explore Some Museums
Baton Rouge is filled with nontraditional museums to peruse and admire, many of them set up in houses, plantations or buildings from long ago. Next time you’re out, think about stopping by one of these places: Louisiana’s Old State Capital, LSU Rural Life Museum, Houmas House Plantation and Gardens or the Old Arsenal Museum.

Real Estate in Kensington Estates, LA

Kensington Estates homes are priced between about $500,000 to a little less than $900,000. Many of the homes have four bedrooms and three bathrooms, but some houses have up to six bedrooms and over five bathrooms. These are large, luxurious homes with multiple garages and over 4,000 square feet on average. Kensington Estates homes are homes you can rest easy in.

If you’re considering purchasing a home in the Kensington Estates subdivision, reach out to us today. We’re available and able to answer any questions you have about the homes currently on the market. If you have any specific amenity requests or requirements, we’ll do our best to find what you’re looking for.

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