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Living in? ?Prairieville,? ?LA

There are nearly 30,000 people living in Prairieville, LA. The median home value is a little over $200,000, while the median household income is a little less than $100,000 per year. Many of the residents don’t have children, but that’s also taking into account renters living in one bedroom apartments.

Homeowners in Prairieville usually do have families. A few of the residents in Prairieville have Master’s degrees, but most of the population has a Bachelor’s degree or have some college education. The public schools in Prairieville also have excellent ratings, so if you’re interested in having your child pursue higher education, you’re looking to purchase a home in the right place.

Elementary Schools in Prairieville:

  • Central Primary School (Kindergarten through 5th)
  • Duplessis Primary School (Kindergarten through 5th)
  • Galvez Primary School (Kindergarten through 5th)
  • Lakeside Primary School (Kindergarten through 5th)
  • Oak Grove Primary School (Kindergarten through 5th)
  • Prairieville Primary School (Kindergarten through 5th)
  • Spanish Lake Primary School (Kindergarten through 5th)

Middle Schools in Prairieville:

  • Central Middle School (6th through 8th)
  • Dutchtown Middle School (6th through 8th)
  • Galvez Middle School (6th through 8th)
  • Prairieville Middle School (6th through 8th)

High Schools in Prairieville:

  • Dutchtown High Schools (8th through 12th)
  • East Ascencion High School (8th through 12th)
  • St. Amant High School (8th through 12th)

Things to Do near Prairieville, LA

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BREC’s Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center
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Painting with a Twist
Don’t think you’re an artist? Think again. With this fun, teacher-led painting class (which, by the way, you can drink in), you’ll learn to paint many masterpieces from trees, to classic recreations to stylized silhouettes.

Planet Beach
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Spanky’s Daiquiris
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Prairieville Louisiana Real Estate

There’s not much fluctuation between house prices in Prairieville, Louisiana. Homes are priced around $200,000 and up. Most of the homes have four bedrooms and three bathrooms. We have several one-story and two-story homes available, as well as several vacant lots. If you’re interested in finding your dream home in Prairieville, give us a call.