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We’ve been in the real estate business for a long time. We not only know the housing market in the Baton Rouge area (important for valuing your property properly), but we also have the marketing prowess to help your reach more prospective homebuyers.

Listing your home on a real estate website and working with a real estate agent is proven to increase your likelihood of selling your home, decrease the time in which it is sold and increase the final sale price. So, why not work with a real estate agent with years of experience, who knows the Baton Rouge area and has the credentials to prove her professional worth?

Read on to see what kind of properties you’ll be able to list on this website and which we can promote for you.

List a House

Most of the properties listed on this site are houses. There are houses that have just one bedroom, and then there are houses that have six bedrooms. There are houses with less than 2,000 square feet, and then there are houses with over 6,000 square feet.

No matter what kind of home you’re trying to see, we’re here to help. Call us today so we can set up a listing for you as soon as possible.

List Land

We usually have plots in neighborhoods listed on this site, but we can also list large plots of land for sale. Whether it’s 10,000 square feet or several acres, we can list your property for you and help you find a buyer.

Call us so we can talk dimensions and future sales goals.

List a Vacant Lot

We consider a vacant lot to be a plot of land within a subdivision or neighborhood, upon which a brand-new home can be built. There are plenty of people who want to build their own home, but don’t want to live out in the middle of nowhere.

We can help you find those people. Call us today.

What cities do you list properties in?

Great question. We service mainly the Baton Rouge area, but we also post listings from properties around New Orleans, “the Big Easy.” We post listings for properties located in a number of Baton Rouge suburbs, including Prairieville and Livingston. There are also property listings in specified neighborhoods, such as Oakland Crossing, Woodridge and University Club. And, of course, we list properties in Baton Rouge itself.

If your property is in this area and you’re ready to sell it, call us today so we can make the selling process quicker for you.

How can you help me reach more buyers?

We use digital marketing tactics to broadcast your listing from our website to the screens of people who are searching for your kind of property. But posting the listing is just step one.

We’re also available to help you determine what a fair asking price would be for your property, keeping the housing marketing in mind. We also have affiliations with a number of organizations that can help spread the word or help us find people who are already interested in type of property you’re selling (similar to our digital marketing tactics, but in a three-dimensional way).

You don’t have to do this alone. We can help you. Call us.